Analysis & sample preparation

2nd oven for GO-TOC-P

Complete standby reactor including manual sample feed switchover to reduce downtime for cleaning and maintenance of the oven.

2. Ofen für GO-TOC P

A portion of extra power for your GO-TOC P

The 2nd oven shortens maintenance times many times over. If the reactor is contaminated in the TOC, it is possible to switch quickly to the 2nd oven without a major interruption in measurement. Afterwards, the one reactor can be cleaned and is operated in standby mode again. This means that a ready-to-operate reactor is available at all times.

A reactor change is faster than a reactor cleaning. This means that downtimes for maintenance work are much shorter. Additional effect of heating in offline operation: The reactor contents are thermally cleaned before use.



  • For standby operation
  • On mounting plate for wall mounting, stackable
  • Reduction of downtime
  • Der Reaktor wird vor Verwendung thermisch gereinigt

The performance profile

Hands on connection

230 V 50 Hz


approx. 1100 watt


approx. 1700 x 500 x 300 mm (HxWxD) / other dimensions are possible

Weight of the carrier plate

ca. 50 kg