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Water Analytics

Our product portfolio in the field of water analysis includes TOC online measuring devices, filter and sample preparation systems.

We offer our measuring devices in different measuring components and designs in order to be able to cover the widest possible range of customer-specific requirements. All are equipped with high-quality analysers from the SIEMENS 6 series.

Filter and sample preparation systems developed by ourselves extend the flexibility for the most diverse applications. The interaction of sample preparation and analysis system optimises measurement results, maintenance effort and equipment service life.

Where are our products used?

Areas of application & industries

Our products for water analysis are suitable for a wide range of different applications: for plant monitoring of wastewater treatment plants, for monitoring industrial wastewater from sewage plants, for surface water monitoring of airports and refineries, for drinking and process water monitoring, in water quality control and for the simplification of country-specific wastewater levy regulations.

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Stockbild Wasserhahn. Ein Glas wird befüllt.