Sample preparation with volumetric dosing for the measurement of TOC, TNb and VOC.

GO-T-Stripper Probenaufbereitung

The GO-T Stripper is designed to reduce the time required for stripping and loading the sample into the oxidation oven as much as possible. The GO-T Stripper is only suitable for the treatment of particle-free water. Upstream particle filters in the order of 50 μm are therefore absolutely necessary. In addition, the use of a special drip tube is necessary (Article 700.002).

Due to the special design, a time saving of about 60 seconds and more can be realised. This shortens the time between sampling and output of a measured value. This results in both safety-relevant advantages in process control and possible savings in the area of the structural design of the process plants. We offer further solutions for polluted wastewater.

The performance profile

Stripping gas throughput

20 – 40 l/h

Sample water throughput

150 – 250 ml/h

Dosing quantity taken

ca. 30 ml/h

Supply voltage

24V DC

Ambient temperature

5 – 45 °C

Dimensions (HxWxD)

approx. 165 x 85 x 55 mm


approx. 1 kg

Sampling materials

Glass, silicone, PVC

Don’t they have particle-free water?

No problem!
Enquire about the appropriate variant for this.