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Gas analytics

Our gas conditioning and measuring equipment for online measurement of CH4, CO2, O2, SO2 and ATC as well as other chemical gas components. All devices are based on our own patented measurement methods and sample gas conditioning systems.

Especially in the field of sample gas conditioning, our goal is to reduce cross-sensitivities of the analysers and to ensure repeatable measurement results over the entire lifetime of the measuring instruments.

Where are our products used?

Areas of application & industries

In the field of gas analysis, our instruments support the aviation industry in monitoring cabin air, hospitals in monitoring air conditioning systems and sewage treatment technology in monitoring methanol. In addition, they are used in research facilities in the ultra-pure gas and breathing gas sector, in chemical laboratories, in the chemical and petrochemical industry, in clean room monitoring, filter monitoring and in immission and emission monitoring.

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Einsatzbereich chemische Industrie. Auf dem Bild ist ein Kessel zu sehen mit diversen Leitungen, Druckanzeigen usw.
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