Cooling. Condensate drainage

Heated sample gas line GO-H 300 A

Heated sample gas line with flexible hose line to maintain the gas temperature and prevent condensation.

Beheizte Messgasleitung GO-H 300 A mit flexibler Schlauchleitung zum Erhalt der Gastemperatur, sowie zur Vermeidung von Kondensatbildung.

In order to be able to transport sample gases from the sampling point to the sample gas conditioning system, flexible hose lines are preferably used which are heated to maintain the gas temperature and to avoid condensate formation.


The media-carrying hose (with replaceable PTFE core) is wrapped in a moisture-protected heating conductor, thermally insulated and surrounded by an outer protective braid made of polyamide. The temperature sensor (Pt100) is mounted under the heating conductor.

One end of the heated sample gas line is fitted with a hard cap made of glass-fibre reinforced plastic, the other end is terminated with a PG36 screw connection, for permanent attachment to a sample gas conditioning system or an analysis cabinet. The mains and sensor cable is led out at the end with the PG36 screw connection.

The temperature is controlled by an external temperature controller, which can also be installed in a sample gas conditioning system.



  • Avoidance of condensation
  • Replaceable PTFE core
  • Moisture-protected, thermally insulated and polyamide-surrounded heating conductors


  • Carried mains supply line for heated gas sampling probe
  • Carried test gas element DN 02
  • Outer protective braid made of steel or VA
  • Annular corrugated hose made of PA or VA

The performance profile of the GO-H 300 A

Control temperature

Up to max. 200 °C (others on request)

Basic hose



DN 04 oder DN 06

Gas connection

Core 100 mm protruding

Heating conductor

Construction according to DIN, moisture-protected with protective braiding up to 250 °C

Temperature sensor


Max. Length

50 m

Power consumption

approx. 100 watt / metre

Supply line

3 m with 7-pin Round plug


230 V, 50 Hz

Mark of conformity

SEV TP 20 B/3 A. 1982