Raw gas treatment


Completely heated gas sampling probe with internal coarse dust filter.

GO-MO 3. Komplett beheizte Gasentnahmesonde mit innen liegendem Grobstaubfilter.

The GO-MO 3 sample gas conditioning system includes a permeation dryer, a fine-vision filter and a sample gas pump.

The gas quantity can be freely adjusted in a range from 50 to 120 l/h via a flow regulator.

All components are housed in a plastic casing for wall mounting.

The connections for the sample gas inlet and outlet are located on the top of the housing and are marked ON and OFF:

For the 230 V AC mains connection, there is an IEC plug with microfuse on the left-hand side. A corresponding connection cable is included in the accessories package.

Functionality of the permeation dryer

This is a tube made of a selectively permeable plastic membrane enclosed by another tube. In this outer tube, a carrier gas (usually ambient air) flows against the flow of the sample gas.

The water molecules diffuse through the inner tube from the sample gas into the carrier gas and are carried away by the carrier gas flow.

In order not to disturb or completely stop this water transport, the sample gas must not contain any particles, aerosols or water in liquid form (drops). We therefore recommend connecting the GO-MO 1 sample gas conditioning unit or another cooler upstream to avoid this.



  • Compact design
  • Continuous preparation
  • Quickly ready for operation within approx. 10 min.
  • Suitable for wall mounting


  • Carrying device for mobile use

The performance profile of the GO-MO 3


Permeation dryer

Hands on connection

230 V / 50 Hz via cold appliance plug

Power consumption

max. 100 W

Gas inlet dew point

max. 5 °C

Gas outlet dew point

approx. -10° (depending on the set flow rate)

Flow rate

approx. 50 – 120 l/h

Ambient temperature

+5 to +30 °C

Pressure / vacuum absolute

1500 mbar / 600 mbar

Number of gas inputs


Number of gas outlets


Number of condensate outlets


Ready for operation

within approx. 10 min.

Gas connections

Bulkhead fittings PVDF DN 06/08

Condensate drainage

mixed with ambient air via diaphragm pump

Gas path materials

Glas, PVDF, PP, Viton und PVC

Dimensions L x D x H

approx. 360 x 254 x 111 mm


approx. 4 kg

Device fuse

1A, slow-blow, 230 V, 5 x 20 mm

Type of protection

IP20 EN 60529

Electrical appliance standard

EN 61010


Polystyrene, colour grey, RAL 7035 for wall mounting