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Temperature controller HT 43 / HTI

For easy handling in emission monitoring, a sample gas conditioning system with integrated temperature controller is a good choice. Here we distinguish between a microprocessor controller HT 43 and the high-tech integral temperature controller HTI 16.

Temperaturregler HT 43 / HTI
Temperaturregler HT 43 / HTI
Temperaturregler HT 43 / HTI

Microprocessor controller HT 43

The temperature controller HT 43 is designed for heated sample gas lines with a temperature sensor.

High-tech integral temperature controller HTI

This controller does not require a temperature sensor of the conventional type. The HTI 16 controller measures the temperature of the heating wire as an integral over the entire length.

Each point of the heated hose is used to measure the temperature. This has the advantage that the measurement is not carried out point by point at an arbitrary location, but as an integral over the heated medium (patented).



  • Simple and clear handling
  • Measurement can be made as an integral over the heated medium
  • Multifunctional LED display with status and error display

The performance profile


230 V, 50 – 60 Hz

Switching capacity HT 43

2300 W

Switching capacity HTI

3600 W

Control behaviour

Overshoot and without noticeable control hysteresis, quality class 2 %.


ABS IP 65, others on request


approx. H 160 x W 100 x D 90 mm

Mains cable

1.5 m with mains plug, output via multi-pin plug


LED display Multifunctional with status and error displays