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Gas sampling probe GO-ES 250

Completely heated gas sampling probe with internal coarse dust filter.

Gasentnahmesonde GO-ES 250. Komplett beheizte Gasentnahmesonde mit innen liegendem Grobstaubfilter.

Even the extraction of a sample gas from a main gas stream requires special care in order not to jeopardise the accuracy of the measurement results.

The sample gas should be taken primarily unadulterated, but already largely freed from particles, in order to avoid blockages in the further gas paths. The passage of the gas through the wall of the chimney or flue is of particular importance. In this case, the dew point of the sample gas may be undershot and condensate may form.

This condensate formation is undesirable because, on the one hand, measurement components can dissolve from the sample gas in the condensate and are thus lost to quantitative analysis as target substances. On the other hand, this starts the clogging of the gas path because fine dust combines with the condensate. Heating the gas paths counteracts this condensation.

The GO-ES 250 gas sampling probe offers the advantage here of not only heating the probe head located outside the flue, but also of tempering the adjoining probe tube, which lies partly outside and partly inside the tempered flue, above the acid dew point and thus bridging the critical passage. A heated sample gas line can be used as a further transport medium away from the probe head; a holder for this is already provided.

The filter mounted on the probe tip is almost maintenance-free due to its generous dimensions and its location in the hot flue gas. By optionally using or combining extension pieces and/or filter carriers, extraordinarily variable extraction depths can be achieved.

The use of different filter grains enables the extraction of approximately the same gas quantities from different extraction depths in the chimney cross-section.



  • Extension tubes
  • Test connection in the probe head
  • Weather protection bonnet
  • Metal sinter filter in the probe head
  • Metal sinter filter for probe tip

The performance profile of the GO-ES 250


0 – 250 °C, electronically adjustable

Max. Entnahmetemperatur

600 °C


approx. 510 mm (from flange with filter unit)


250 / 500 / 1000 mm

Länge der Filtereinheit

approx. 180 mm


10 / 20 μ


Stainless steel 1.4571, ceramic


DIN 1527, PN 6, NW 65


approx. 9.5 kg


max. 400 VA

Hands on connection

4-pole round plug connection


230 V, 50 Hz

Minimum purchase quantity

5 piece