Cooling. Condensate drainage.

Measuring gas cooling system GO-PKK 1

Device for cooling the gas in order to separate the water vapour it contains.

Messgaskühlsystem GO-PKK 1. Gerät zur Kühlung des Gases, um den enthaltenen Wasserdampf abzuscheiden

Before a gas analysis, the sample gas usually has to be prepared. In most cases, this requires cooling of the gas in order to separate the water vapour it contains. Target substances of the analysis must be preserved in any case, which requires special measures for water-soluble gas components (e.g. SO2).

The core of the measuring gas drying in the GO-PKK cooling system is a gas cooler in which the gas is dried to a dew point of 5 °C in a cyclone heat exchanger.

The patented heat exchanger’s special design (analogous to cyclone particle separators) enables the gas to be cooled abruptly, after which the sample gas is immediately separated from the condensate and no longer has any contact with it in the further gas path.

This effectively reduces leaching losses. In addition to the cooler, the cooling system already contains a pump for condensate drainage and a collecting vessel (1 l). Optionally, various filters can further supplement the cooling system, and mains connection plugs and temperature controllers for heated gas sampling probes and heated analysis lines can be installed.

The transportable case makes the GO-PKK cooling system a device for mobile use.



  • Aerosol filter
  • Bracket for heated line
  • Mains plug for heated gas sampling probe
    and heated analysis line
  • Temperature controller for heated analysis line


  • Compact design in a transportable case
  • With a cyclone heat exchanger (pat. DPB 38 33 192)
  • Quickly ready for operation within approx. 10 min.
  • Helps to achieve accurate measurement results
  • Leaching losses are effectively reduced
  • Stable output dew point
  • Other designs possible on request (GO-PP)

The performance profile of the GO-PKK 1


GO-EPK 1 with one cyclone heat exchanger

Heat exchanger volume

GO-EPK approx. 25 ml

Output dew point

Factory set to + 5 °C, visual alarm in case of deviation by + 3 °C

Alarm output

Potential-free temperature alarm contact / changeover contact, max. 250 V/30 W

Input dew point

GO-PKK 1 max. 55°C

Cooling capacity

approx. 110 J/h

Flow rate

GO-PKK 1 50 – 150 l/h

Ambient temperature

+ 5 to + 30 °C

Ready for operation

within approx. 10 min, (depending on the ambient temperature)

Peltier element

function-monitored with optical signal

Operating pressure

max. 4 bar

Gas connections

Tube 4 x 6 mm

Condensate drainage

Peristaltic pump, delivery rate 0.5 l/h in collecting vessel (1 l capacity)

Power consumption

max. 200 VA

Hands on connection

230 V, 50 Hz


approx. L 450 x D 230 x H 310 mm


approx. 9 kg