Cooling. Filter. Drying.

GOT 100

Achieve optimum conditioning of the gas to be analysed with the patented GOT sample gas conditioning system. Effective combination of Peltier cooler with cyclone heat exchanger (patent no. DPB 38 33 192), filters and permeation dryers, which reliably de-dusts and dries the sample gas.

GOT 100

Flawless measurement results in emissions analysis require optimum preparation of the gas to be analysed.

Experience shows that it is not always sufficient to dehumidify sample gases by cooling them to approx. + 5 to + 8 °C. The remaining water content of about 8 g/m3 causes fluctuations in the measurement results of the gas analysers, which cannot be eliminated even by calibrating constant cross-sensitivities.

If, in addition, aggressive components such as SO2 occur in the sample gas, damage to the analysers is to be expected if dehumidification is insufficient.

The patented sample gas conditioning systems of the GOT 100 and GOT 200 series (DBP 37 16 350) offer as a complete solution an effective combination of Peltier cooler with cyclone heat exchanger (pat. DPB 38 33 192), filters and permeation dryer, which reliably remove dust and dry the sample gas.

In addition, aerosols and interfering components are retained. The output dew point to be achieved with this is below -10 °C and ensures that no further condensation is to be expected in the gas analyser.

The GOT 100 and GOT 200 series sample gas conditioning systems have passed the suitability test for emission monitoring in accordance with TA Luft and the 13th BImSchV.



  • Aerosols and interfering components are retained
  • Reliable dust removal and drying of the sample gas
  • One unit for cooling, filtering and drying
  • Clear preparation on mounting plate
  • Quickly ready for operation in approx. 10 min.

Device options

  • Mains supply plug for
    Heated gas sampling probe
  • Mains plug and temperature controller
    for heated analysis line
  • Holder for heated analyser line to be attached to the case
  • Membrane filter with condensate monitor for switching off the sample gas pump in the event of moisture intrusion
  • Type GO-M for installation in analysis cabinets

The performance profile of the GOT-100


Peltier cooler GO-PK 1 or GO-PK 2 with cyclone heat exchanger, function-monitored Peltier element, potential-free temperature alarm contact

Ambient temperature

max. 30 °C

Cooling temperature

+5 to +8 °C regulated

Cooling capacity

110 kJ/h

Flow rate

50 bis 120 l/h

Input dew point

max. 70 °C

Output dew point

< -10 °C, depending on input dew point and flow rate

Condensate drain

1 Pump capacity 0.5 l/h in collecting vessel 1


Aerosol filter, membrane filter 10 μ


Peltier element and permeation dryer

Gas connections

Bulkhead fittings PP 6 x 8 mm

Gas path volume

approx. 200 ml

Gas path materials

Glas, PP, PVC, PTFE, PVDF Acryl

Ready for operation

within approx. 10 minutes

Power consumption

max. 950 VA (depending on the length of the heated line)

Mains connection

max. 950 VA (depending on the length of the heated line)