GO-RIF in-pipe filter

Continuous sampling of a filtered sample stream from a main water stream flowing through it.


This filter can be integrated directly into a pipe or hose line. No power connection (or similar) is required for operation. The arrangement of the filter gaps parallel to the direction of flow of the main stream passing through enables a

Sufficient filtrate yield for downstream analysis devices with long filter service lives. For cleaning, the filter housing can simply be separated from the pipe and the filter cleaned mechanically. Filter housings are available in brass, VA or Teflon.



  • Easy handling
  • Direct integration into pipe or
    Hose line
  • Enables sufficient filtrate yield with long filter service lives
  • Easy cleaning
  • Filter housing and filter tubes optionally made of metal or plastic

The performance profile

Filter tube VA

Axial inner gaps

Gap width

50 μm


VA, brass or PTFE

Connections main stream

Couplings with hose pieces 1″

Sample connection

Hose nozzle DN 04


VA approx. 1.75 kg, brass approx. 1.1 kg, PTFE approx. 0.6 kg


approx. L 270 x Ø 50 mm