Wedge wire filter cartridge GO-SFP

Filter for continuously taking a sample from a dip tank or a main water stream.


The wedge wire filter cartridge is used for continuous removal of a filtered. The water is used to remove a partial stream from a main water stream flowing past outside, e.g. for sampling from an overflow vessel. The filter gaps are arranged radially. The main water flow or turbulence provides a certain cleaning effect for a long service life of the filter.

In this way, a sufficient amount of filtrate for downstream analysers is obtained in a simple and extremely cost-effective manner. The GO-SFP wedge wire filter cartridge is cleaned mechanically by hand if necessary.

The performance profile

Filter cartridge

Radial outer gaps

Gap width

50 μm


Stainless steel 1.4301

Sample connection

Hose nozzle DN 04 made of PP Other materials possible


approx. L 85 x Ø 35 mm


approx. 200 g