GO-TOC 1000

Our most compact TOC


Online analysis system


Measuring system for continuous detection of total organic carbon (TOC) in water with automatic sample preparation or for analysis of individual samples. The GO-TOC 1000 is a space-saving and cost-effective variant for TOC determination in the GRÖGER & OBST product range. As a pure process version (online operation), the device presents itself as extremely flexible with a wide-ranging measuring range.


Sample digestion is carried out by thermal catalytic oxidation of the carbon. For this purpose, the samples are placed in an oxidation furnace and the organic ingredients are converted to carbon dioxide at 850 °C. The carbon dioxide is then released into the atmosphere. Strip and combustion gas are taken from the atmosphere and processed in the TOC. The resulting gas mixture is dried in a cooler and then fed to an NDIR gas analyser. The measured value is output in mg C/l.


The standard version of the GO-TOC 1000 TOC analyser is supplied for online operation with automatic acidification and removal of total inorganic carbon (TIC). Manual feeding of individual samples is just as possible at any time with this device version. The standard version includes a serial interface, a dilution device and GO-Win-Soft evaluation and documentation software.



  • GO-RIF inline filter
  • Data logger
  • Limit contacts


  • Continuous measured value acquisition
  • Measurement according to DIN 38409 and EN 1484
  • Online operation
  • Automatic sample preparation
  • Robust proven technology

The performance profile of the GO-TOC 1000

Dosing pump

4-channel dosing pump

Benötigte Probenmenge

approx. 40 ml/h

Analysierte Probenmenge

0 – 5 mg/l C (other measuring ranges on request)




4 1⁄2-digit measured value display


0 – 300 mg/l (other measuring ranges on request)


2.5 % referred to measuring range end value


better than 2 % of the measuring range


0 – 20 mA / 4 – 20 mA / serial interface

Betriebstemperatur Oxidationsofen

850 °C

Carbonate elimination

Acidification with HCI, outgassing with strip gas

Strip and carrier gas

Treated ambient air

Gas cooler

Peltier cooler GO-PK1

Materials for sample paths

Keramik, Glas, Viton, PVC, Palladium, Platin, PTFE, Silikon

Ambient temperature

5 – 30 °C

Power consumption

max. 1600 VA

Hands on connection

230 V, 50 Hz

Dimensions (H x W x D)

ca. 690 x 590 x 440 mm


ca. 34 kg

Dosing pump

4-channel dosing pump