Oven support plate GO-OTP

System for rapid replacement of reactors to reduce downtime for cleaning and maintenance.


In this design, the ovens/reactors are designed as easily exchangeable modules with a plug-in system. One of the modules is used in the GO- TOC-P during ongoing measurement operation (online). The second module is taken out of operation (offline) and serves as a standby reactor. On the carrier plate, a module in standby mode can be heated up to the operating temperature via a temperature controller and pre-purged with air by means of a built-in pump.

If the online module in the GO-TOC becomes dirty, it is then placed on the carrier plate to cool down and quickly replaced by the prepared offline module. After cooling down, this can be cleaned, repaired and brought back to operating temperature. Afterwards, it is available for exchange as an offline module.



  • For standby operation
  • On mounting plate for wall mounting,
  • Reduction of downtime
  • Before use, the reactor is
    Thermally cleaned

The performance profile

Hands on connection

230 V 50 Hz


approx. 1100 watt


approx. 1700 x 700 x 300 mm (HxWxD) with module Other sizes/dimensions are possible

Weight of the carrier plate

approx. 50 kg without module

Module weight

approx. 10 kg