With the GO-3A (Automatic Outgassing Settling) it is now possible to continuously treat even heavily contaminated sample water.


For heavily contaminated sample water, there was previously our insensitive, easy-to-clean hose stripper. A consistent further development is our new GO-3A Stripper (automatic outgassing and settling). Until now, unwanted particles such as sand or similar also entered the reactor with the sample water via the peristaltic pump.

This led to contamination in the hose system, increased wear of the delivery hose to the reactor and, of course, unnecessary dirt entry into the reactor.

With the new GO-3A Stripper, this can be prevented to a large extent.

After stripping the inorganic carbon, the sample water enters a settling tube in which heavy, unwanted particles can settle, while at the same time the sample for the reactor is taken from it.

At certain intervals, the hose pinch valve at the lower end of the settling pipe opens and the settled particles are removed. Individually selectable settling and rinsing times enable us to remove a wide variety of problematic substances in a targeted manner before they enter the hose system and the reactor.

This reduces contamination and wear. We would be happy to check for you whether and in what form the GO-3A stripper can be used.

The performance profile

Stripping gas throughput

20 – 40 l/h

Sample water throughput

150 – 250 ml/h

Prepared sample quantity

20 – 40 ml/h

Supply voltage

24V DC

Ambient temperature

5 – 45 °C

Dimensions (HxWxD)

approx. 180 x 180 x 100 mm


approx. 1 kg

Sampling materials

Glas, PVC, Silicon